Le Pont Neuf - Le Veurdre
Hotel & Restaurant

Our Homemade Desserts

Refreshingly authentic, thanks to our homemade desserts!

Moelleux with dark chocolate and vanilla ice cream**  €8.00
Profiteroles, vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate, whipped cream, toasted almonds* €7.00
Caramelised bananas Tatin in puff pastry* €8.00
Crepes flambéed with Grand Marnier**  €9.00
Pancakes with sugar* €7.00
Two chocolate fondant with pistachio sauce €6.50 €6.50
Norwegian soufflé (2 people)**  €14.00
Iced nougat with strawberry coulis €6.50
Caramel cream €6.50
Ice creams and sorbets from the Houses €6.50
Poire Belle Hélène; Pêche Melba; Café Liégeois, Délices du Roy*  €7.00
Les Délices du Pont Neuf (Sundays only) €7.50

* : desserts served with a €2 supplement to the €25 and €17 menus
** : desserts served with a supplement of 3€.